Create a beautiful photo manipulation this mothers day using photoshop

One of my old tutorials. Thought to reblog it.

Photoshop ClassRoom

Today we will create a beautiful photo manipulation. The theme is “Mothers day” which is on May 8th 🙂 So lets start !!
Sources used:
Final image preview:
Step 1
Open the mother statue image. Using any selection tool extract the statue. I have used the pen tool.

The statue with the background removed.

Step 2
How to make rain
Now create a new layer and fill with black.

Add noise

Adjust levels

Apply motion blur

Change the blending mode to screen
Now u have finished making rain! 😉
Now ur image looks like this–after adding the sky layer too.
Step 3
Now select the statue layer. Go to image>adjustments>match color
Set the values as shown. Here we are trying to match the statue color with the sky color. 🙂
Make sure that under the “layer” option the sky layer is chosen. I have shown this by arrows.

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